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    LET’S GET HIGH!!!!!!!!!! up on our toes

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    do you ever realize that one day you might not be able to dance anymore and get unbearably sad and terrified like why do I do this to myself I love dance so much

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    20 Depressing Things in Irish Dancing


    1 - being one away from qualifying
    2 - being injured and watching your competition
    3 - being injured in general
    4 - having that one dance teacher that hates you
    5 - getting last place
    6 - transfer bans
    7 - having the girl you dance with on stage lie about where she goes in her dance
    8 -…

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    Joe Bitter’s treble reel from the Lucky 7’s Feis!

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    Hannah stone, Joyce-O’Donnell class assessment.


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    since many people have asked me to post a video of my dancing and I never make time at class for it, you’re in luck because my mom decide to videotape me at the feis this weekend !

    all first place winners had to dance a contrasting set to the set they competed in, and since I did a treble jig I had to do a hornpipe, and unfortunately the only hornpipe I knew was downfall at 76 :/ haha this is the second time I’ve danced this set in 2 1/2 years since my age group was the weird one that did reel and hornpipe for so long. this is only the right foot because I am planning on revamping the set and maybe bringing it back eventually so I don’t want the entire thing out there :p

    enjoy ! :)

    This is so perfect 🙌

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Danced on Good Day Columbus today!! 🎥🍀


    Danced on Good Day Columbus today!! 🎥🍀

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    Anonymous said: I am a u15 irish dancer and this past year has not been good for me. I didn't recall at Nationals which, as upsetting as it is, is making me push myself for recalling at the next Oireachtas. Is there any advice you could give me to help me? I'll take anything, excercises, tips, I appreciate everything. One thing I have been struggling with at every competition, even local feises, is my nerves. I get worked up over dancing in front of a crowd and I want to be able to have confidence. Thank you!

    I’ve totally been in the same boat as you. Last nationals I didn’t recall and was very upset and frankly I wanted to quit because it was like what’s the point anymore you know? I sorta got out of that slump and worked harder to amp up for the Oireachtas and ended up world qualifying. It is soo so worth it to keep fighting through because in the end (even if you fail a few times) hard work truly does pay off. I personally have had troubles with ankle strength for example and looked up exercises for strengthening and I would recommend sitting down with your teacher to discuss your main issues and finding simple exercises online to improve your performance. As for nerves, I’ve had really bad problems with that as well and something that helps me is having the mentality that whatever happens, happens. Which is completely true and you can never know what the judges will think about your dancing on any given day. Anyways, I hope this helped and I’m sorry this is late! :)


    Quick clip for #tbt 😏 from early February

    Trying to fit into my new soft shoes like



    Lead around before worlds🌎


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    I kinda love getting strange looks from people when I Irish dance down the aisles at the supermarket

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